Dr. Bagher Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi


1964–1970                           University of Rome, Faculty of Architecture,
Specialized School for Study and Restoration of Historic Monuments,
Italy, Rome


PhD in Study and Restoration of Historic Monuments,


1963-1964                  Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran     Tehran,Iran


PhD in Urbanism (Unfinished)


1957-1963                  Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran     Tehran,Iran

MA in Architecture


1966-1978                     Technical Office for Conservation of Isfahan Province Historic Monuments                                             Isfahan, Iran


Head of Technical Office for Conservation of Isfahan Province Historic Monuments

Establishment of the office.
Promotion of internationally accepted criteria for conservation.
Training qualified technicians and traditional craftsmanship.
Study and realization of hundred restoration projects in monuments and urban fabrics.
Performing a comprehensive historical study on city of Isfahan (City of Light) and presenting the results in an exhibition in the British Museum.
Received an award of Agha Khan Foundation for the restorations and rehabilitations carried out during this period.
Promoting of establishment of the Faraby University, the first school for restoration of historical monuments in Iran (1976).


1978–1987                    National Organization for the Conservation of Historic Monuments                                                             Tehran,Iran

Director of the National Organization for the Conservation of Historic Monuments


The period coincided with political and cultural changes because of Islamic Revolution of Iran and the disasters of imposed Iraqi war which both had drastic impacts on historic monuments and sites.

Performing extensive efforts for safeguard, maintenance and preservation of historic monuments and sites in danger at national level.
Promote initiatives and measures in international level for the conservation of national cultural heritage.
Promote the idea of creating an efficient organization to embrace all activities regarding different aspects of national cultural heritage and prepare the draft and receive finally the legal approval of the Parliament for the establishment of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization in 1985-1988. This organization is responsible for all research, conservation and presentation activities regarding Iran cultural heritage.
Establishment the scientific journal of cultural heritage studies, named Athar.


1987–2000        Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO)       Tehran,Iran

Coordinator Deputy of Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO)


Supervision and coordination of all ICHO activities at the national and international level.
Coordination between various departments of research, conservation and presentation.
Establishment of a center for higher education of cultural heritage with seven programs created to train specialists in different fields of cultural heritage.
Establishment of executive centers of ICHO in all provincial centers, with the objective to extend ICHO activities all over the country.


1978-now     Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO)       Tehran,Iran

Manager and Editor-in Chief of Athar Scientific and Research Journal





  1. Author of “Isfahan in the history”, in progress.
  2. Translation of “Islamic Architecture”, survey of Persian Art, Arthur Pope, under publication.
  3. Translation of the “Islamic Architecture” book by Robert Hillenbrand, Rozaneh, 2001. Prefaced by Professor R. Hillenbrand.


Edited Books

  1. Editor of the proceedings of First International Congress of “Iranian Architecture and Urbanism”, 5 volumes, ICHO, 1995.
  2. Editor of the proceedings of Second International Congress of “Iranian Architecture and Urbanism”, 5 volumes, ICHO, 1999.



  1. Over 65 scientific and research papers on architecture, conservation and related topics that have been published in journals and proceedings.



Lecturer                                                                          1966-now

Teaching several courses at:

Isfahan school of restoration
The centre of higher cultural heritage education
Faculty of Architecture, Shahid Beheshti University
Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
Faculty of Architecture,  Elm-o-sanat University
Faculty of Architecture, Azad University


Supervisor and advisor of 100 final theses in postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate levels.


and others


Permanent member of Iran Academy of Art.
Member of board of directors, ICOMOS national committee.
Member of technical consult of ICHO.
Member of the Architecture and Urbanism Committee of Iran Academy of Art.
Secretary of the permanent secretariat for the Congress of the History of Iranian Architecture & Urbanism.
Invited expert of ICOMOS Evaluation Mission for Uzbakestan, 2001 and Kazakestan, 2002.
Invited expert of UNESCO for the study and definition of protected areas of three Islamic Javanese cities, 1975-1976.



 Agha Khan Foundation Award for Architecture for the restoration of the historic monuments in Isfahan, 1980.
Honored as a Selected Feature of Iranian Architecture and Culture by the Iran Academy of Art, 2001.
Honored as a Devoted Feature of cultural heritage by Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, 2003.

Work Experience   1966-now
Professional architect and designer of several building and complexes.      

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